What if Accumulated Mail Exceeds Mailbox Size

What if Accumulated Mail Exceeds Mailbox Size?

The United States Postal Service is a large agency which delivers the packages and mail to almost every single household. The customers are using its services and various mail classes. They are quite satisfied with it. One of the best services offered by USPS is Hold Mail through which any customer can put his/her mail on hold if not able to collect mail due to vacations or any business meeting held out of out.

There is an option while requesting for hold mail “How would you like to receive your mail after the end date?” Here, you can choose to pick up all the accumulated mail yourself by visiting the post office, or the mail carrier will deliver those mail to you. What if you choose the second option where the mail carrier will deliver the accumulated mail and the mailbox is full? What if the mail carrier is unable to put all the mail in the mailbox? So, what would happen in this situation? Let’s find out:

  1. If You are at Home: If you are at home during the delivery time, then the mail carrier will try to deliver the mail personally and if he/she fails to do this, the second option applies.
  2. If You are not at Home: The mail carrier will leave mail as much as he/she can in the mailbox. He/she will take back the rest to post office after leaving a Delivery Notice.

These two things are possible at that time.

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