How Much is Certified Mail? Certified Mail Cost

There are lots of services that the United States Postal Service offers. Its customers are quite satisfied with the services. One of the useful services is Certified Mail service. It’s for those customers who want to send their important or critical documents safely. USPS handles these types of mail items very carefully. It provides these kinds of mail and packages a complete security. It also provides the confirmation of delivery once the mail reaches its address. Most of the customers want to know about the shipping rates of certified mail. They want to know how much it will cost them to send a certified mail. So, let’s find out:


  • The fee for Certified mail is $3.35
  • The Green Card of return receipt of this service will cost you $2.75
  • The cost of Delivery Confirmation Electronically is $0.80
  • The metered rate of First Class Postage for 1 OZ is $0.46
  • $1.45 is the rate of Electronic Signature of Return Receipt.
  • $4.95 is the cost of Restricted Delivery.
  • Rate of Flats 1 OZ (9″ X 12″) is $0.98

These are the costs of additional services and certified mail. You will also get a return receipt once the item reaches its destination. If you want to know more about Certified mail and its cost, then you should visit the main site of the postal service.

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