How to Refuse any Shipment, Package or Mail

The United States Postal Service is serving the people of the US and around the world for a very long time. It tries to deliver every mail item on time and without any problem, but still, it happens sometimes that you are eagerly waiting for your shipment to be delivered and when you receive it, you find that it’s not yours. In this situation, you can refuse that shipment package or mail, but do you know how to do that?

It’s a simple process, let’s find out how to do it.


The packages or the shipments can be returned or refused during the delivery and even after the delivery. If the mail carrier delivers you the shipment and you want to refuse it at the same time, then simply ask him/her to return that mail back to the sender. If the delivery is made before sometime or some days, then write “Refused” on the mail and put it into the mailbox or you can ask the mail carrier to pick it up.

Make sure you don’t open the package because if you do so it won’t be refused. Also, not all the items or mail classes are eligible to be refused like Registered mail,  signature-required mail, collect-on-delivery packages, certified mail, & return receipt merchandise.

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