USPS Delivered To Wrong Address

USPS Delivered To Wrong Address: What Should I Do?

So the post office delivery guy from USPS delivered to wrong address and now you have no idea what to do about it. Well, don’t worry because it happens all the time. You’re certainly not the first person this has happened to and you certainly won’t be last.

Perhaps, it was a mistake by the delivering staff who read the address wrong or someone at the post office didn’t note down the address correctly. Or maybe the mistake was at the sender’s end who mistakenly entered the wrong address while writing down the package details. Whatever the reason was, no one can reverse it but think no further because USPS will retrieve your package.

A Couple of Possible Scenario

Scenario 1

To be on the safe side and as a responsible person, the first thing you should do is let your post office know about the wrong delivery. It’s better if the sender calls or visits the post office in person and informs them.

The USPS will note down a complaint and immediately try to retrieve your parcel if it was the delivery guy’s mistake or if the mistake was at their end in any way.

In most cases, the USPS shall locate your parcel and retrieve it. Soon your parcel shall be in the recovered list and you’ll be able to have your parcel.

This is the most ideal way and 7 out of 10 times this would be the solution to your problem.

Scenario 2

Sometimes if the mistake is at the sender’s end, suppose the address of the destination was not correct right from the start, then USPS may or may not take charge of the problem.

It is only fair if USPS doesn’t take charge and you have to deal with the problem on your own. In that case, it’s best if you let the sender know about your issue. If you both know each other, chances are you’ll be able to deal with this problem on your own.

You can ask the USPS post office to know the consignee’s name, signature, and address. If you can’t file a complaint against the USPS what you can do is go to the receiver yourself and request them to give you your package after providing relevant information. The USPS can find the receiver’s information on the airway bill.

Chances are that the person who did sign and receive the package, may have done it by mistake and he would probably return it to you. You may also be able to have the assistance of USPS while trying to retrieve your package and that should solve your problem.

Tracking your USPS Package

The courier services like USPS and UPS normally have an online tracking system that can help track your order. You may get to know the status of your delivery. In that case, if the status says that your parcel is delivered, chances are that either USPS delivered to wrong address or perhaps there was some hurdle and your package is back at the post office.

Either way, it is best if you keep a check and track your package’s status from time to time until USPS delivers it. You can track your parcel by entering the tracking number given to you on the mailing receipt when you submit your parcel at the post office. The other option to get your tracking number is through the confirmation email you receive from USPS after submitting your parcel.

Tracking Status of the USPS Package that says Delivered

If you were tracking your parcel and now the status of your parcel says delivered, it does not necessarily mean USPS delivered to wrong address.

A few days ago I ordered a bag online and I had to go through a similar experience. I was tracking my package regularly and suddenly it said that USPS delivered my package. Like any normal person, my mind flipped and I started thinking of the worst possible scenario. USPS delivered to wrong address? Did I not enter the correct address? Is it even possible for me to get my package back now?

But to my surprise and ease, after waiting an extra business day for my bag to be delivered, it was delivered.

However, you may want to contact your local USPS post office at once if you experience a situation like this. It’s best to be proactive and take the situation in your own hands instead of sitting down and waiting for things to fix on their own.

I personally had to wait one more day because it was a weekend and there was really nothing much I could do.

Things to Do In case of International Delivery:

  • You should keep a check on your mailbox regularly, in case your local post office sends you a notice to pick up your parcel.
  • In the case of international deliveries, you should also contact your customs office and ask them to inquire about your delivery

Things NOT to Do:

  • You should not panic. Panicking does not help and will only worsen your judgment instead of fixing things. Normally, people do get worried and inquire around which is a good thing but after a day or two, they do receive the package.
  • In the case of international deliveries, it’s best to contact customs instead of USPS. USPS cannot really inquire about your parcels once they’ve reached a different country. Customs office is a much better option in that case.


In the end, if all goes well and it hopefully always does, you will receive your parcel. Try one of the things we’ve asked you to and chances are that your problem will solve. Both situations considered, in case of USPS delivered to wrong address or even if the tracking status incorrectly says delivered, issues like these happen all the time.

There is a chance for a lag in delivery time from when the package tracking status says delivered, to when USPS notifies you to pick up your package. Similarly, other courier users may also get to face the same issue like this one but the solution remains same.