USPS First Class Mail

USPS First Class Mail: An Economical and Efficient Way

The USPS First Class Mail is an economical and efficient way to send light-weight packages and envelopes throughout the US.

You may use USPS First Class Mail to send small packages, envelopes, letters, and postcards. The parcel needs a forever stamp before you can send it and the stamp should be available at the post office. Also, if the rate of stamp goes up after you have submitted your parcel, the stamps would still be acceptable.

Forever Stamps – Prices

The forever stamps applied on your envelope may have varying rates depending upon the type of package. Also, for the lowest rates, your envelope should be rectangular-shaped.

For Letters:

  • The rate of a standard size, rectangular shape letter stamp starts at $0.55.
  • If your envelope is oversized and square-shaped, the rate of the forever stamp will start at $0.70 and go up depending upon the size.

For Postcards:

  • The stamps on postcards with a rectangular shape and standard size start at $0.35
  • The oversized and square-shaped postcards similarly need stamps starting at $0.55

Features of USPS First Class Mail

Following are some of the exclusive features of USPS First Class Mail:

  • First Class Mail by USPS has the best pricing for the parcels that come under 13 oz.
  • The delivery time required by USPS First Class Mail is 1-3 working days.
  • In case of merchandise, the USPS offers insurance of up to $5000 for this service.
  • If you’re buying the commercial priced letters and cards, you will have up to extra 3.5 ounces.
  • You can combine First Class Mail with extra services to confirm delivery.

Pricing of USPS First Class Mail

The fees and charges of USPS First Class Mail are dependent on the size, weight, and shape of the parcels. Overall, the charges are reasonable and preferable to other courier services if the package you’re sending is small in size.

For an accurate idea of the size and weight requirements, you should visit the official website of USPS to clear your doubts.

Large Envelopes

If a piece of mail exceeds the standard limit, size or thickness, the USPS will charge you at the next higher price. In other words, if the size and weight of your package exceed a category’s standard rate, USPS will charge you at the next higher category’s rate.

Non-Machineable Envelopes

The packages having an unusual shape, irregular size, and lumpy or rigid envelopes have a non-machineable surcharge even if they weigh less than 1 oz. This is because the USPS manages these packages with man-power.

Price Calculator

In order to have an accurate idea of your price for sending a parcel through First Class Mail or any mail for that instance, you should visit the USPS official website.

Insurance in USPS First Class Mail

The United States Postal Service also offers insurance of items worth up to $5000. However, the insurance service is only exclusively available to the packages having actual merchandise.

For more information on insurance policies, contact the USPS customer center or visit their official website.

First Class Mail Service for Businesses

With the ability to avail additional services while sending your parcel from USPS First Class Mail, makes it an ideal option for businesses. USPS offers the address correction service, which should be useful to businesses considering the error-prone nature of human beings.

For regular and periodic arrangements, the USPS offers commercial pricing offers for business customers. This includes having special discounts on a fixed number of mails. For example, with a minimum quantity of 500 mail pieces, the USPS offers exclusive discounts and packages, which is economically ideal.

Restrictions in USPS First Class Mail

As evident from the other services offered by USPS, acting on strict guidelines and risk-free rules is frankly the reason for USPS’s success. Following are some of the restrictions that customers should observe before sending out a parcel from USPS First Class Mail:

  • In the case of letters, the maximum weight for First Class mail is 3.5 oz.
  • The maximum weight for large envelopes and parcels, on the other hand, is 13 oz.
  • The envelopes and postcards you’re sending should be rectangular-shaped.
  • For non-rectangular shaped envelopes and postcards, additional charges are applied.
  • Depending upon the type of your mail, additional charges based on the shape and weight may also be applied.
  • Specific restrictions are observed with materials containing drugs, hazardous materials, tobacco or cigarettes.

To study the restrictions applied by USPS in detail, you have to visit their official website.

Standard Size for First Class Mail

The standard size for USPS first class mail is up to 3.5 ounces and the company offers a flat rate for this size. This is a cost-effective way that helps businesses send bills, invoices, cards, letters, and documents et cetera to achieve maximum productivity.

The USPS also offers different discounts for automation.


The USPS First Class Mail is an ideal way to send economic, financial and business parcels at the most affordable rates. In conclusion, the delivery time offered by USPS which is 1-3 working days is ideal at this price.

While other courier services may also offer similar advantages, their rates are normally high. It is quite evident why the United States Postal Service represents the people of America and is recognized as the most optimized and productive postal service in the world. The cherry on top, however, is their wide range of multiple services based on destinations and delivery durations.