USPS Lost Tracking Number

USPS Lost Tracking Number: How To Recover It?

The United States Postal Service has postal offices throughout the country. The company follows a strict policy in terms of weight, size, and tracking of parcels. Almost everyone in the country prefers to use USPS for residential purposes. Another service, UPS (United Parcel Service) is, however, preferred when it comes to commercial interests. Since the United States Postal Service strictly follows its policies, it also ensures the complete security of their customers. But before we figure out what USPS lost tracking number is, you should know what is the USPS tracking number and why is it used?

What is the USPS Tracking Number?

USPS is a huge company that has thousands of post offices all over the country. People throughout the USA send and receive parcels from USPS and sometimes hurdles are inevitable.

Perhaps, a delay in the delivery date has made you uncomfortable and you want to check the status of your parcel. Your girlfriend back home is waiting for the jersey you’ve got her for Christmas and the parcel is late.

You would automatically want to know the status of your delivery you made through USPS. In order to know the current delivery status of your parcel, you’ll need to know a tracking number.

A tracking number is available for every USPS shipping, it’s right there on your mailing receipt. It’s also visible in the email you receive after you submit a parcel. However, if due to some reason you were unable to access your tracking number you won’t be able to check the delivery status of the jersey you’ve sent to your girl back home. (USPS Lost Tracking Number)

What is the USPS Lost Tracking Number?

Now there may be two reasons why you’re here. First is because perhaps the team at USPS lost the tracking number of your parcel. In that case, let me assure you that USPS cannot lose your tracking number because they do not have any public record of it in the first place. However, they do need your tracking number in order to check the status of your delivery.

According to the official USPS website, USPS post offices do not have any public record of individual tracking numbers for your parcels. In other words, it’s not possible to identify a tracking number to your name and parcel.

Now on to the second reason, perhaps you’ve lost your email and your mailing receipt and as a result cannot access your tracking number. That my friend can be a bit of a problem.

Tracking Status of Your Parcel with a USPS Lost Tracking Number: So now you’re probably wondering how can you track the status of your USPS parcel without a tracking number. Well, the short answer is, you can’t.

Unless you have a way to restore that confirmation email from USPS or a way to find that lost mail receipt, there’s really no other way. The USPS post office does not keep the record of the transaction and the only record is the mailing receipt given to you.

If you think about it, this perhaps calls for a modification in the system. We’re living in 2019, facing an issue like this shouldn’t be a problem. Instead, it becomes an inconvenience for the dependent.

What is the solution for a Lost USPS Tracking Number?

The solution is to wait until the USPS employee delivers the order. It may take up to 10-20 days for the order to reach its destination. Even if the order is misplaced or bounced back, you will have to go through the standard waiting period before taking any new step again.

When the required time period has passed, you can contact the USPS Post Office again and this time they’ll probably have information about your order. Since there are very little to no chances of USPS misplacing a parcel, they will probably have your parcel back to where it was.

How do you locate a USPS Lost Tracking Number?

This solution is for the people who have access to either their mail receipt or the confirmation email received on dispatch.

  1. Your first step is to look at the mail receipt you receive at the post office. You should be able to find your Lost Tracking Number at this receipt.
  2. Suppose you weren’t able to find it on the mail receipt, but your mail receipt bill was above $50. In that case, you must have another additional insurance slip.
  3. You can find your USPS Lost Tracking Number on the insurance slip.
  4. Another way is to use the confirmation email from to find your tracking number.
  5. If you bought something from an online store and they deliver a product using USPS, you should have a confirmation email from that store as well.
  6. If you did buy through an online store and still cannot locate a confirmation email, you can contact the store to provide you your tracking number.
  7. If you’re still unable to locate your tracking number or if there’s a possibility of a mistake, contact the USPS helpline. They will most probably drive your problem away.
  8. To save yourself from any future trouble, try noting down the tracking number right away after you have the receipt. Also, you can take a picture of the mail receipt through your mobile phone, it’s that simple.

After going through everything and each possible scenario mentioned in this whole article, if you’re still unable to find your package then it’s just bad luck coupled with an outdated system perhaps. There’s one more thing you can try, you should also explain each detail of your package to the clerk/staff so there’s a better chance for them at finding your package.

In the end, when all hope ends, please call the USPS Customer support office. They may just be able to find the package of that jersey for your girlfriend. And even if they’re not able to find your package, it’s worth a try. Also, next time, you should note your tracking number.