US Postal Service Holiday Schedule 2019

USPS Holidays | US Postal Service Holiday Schedule 2019

Most of the Americans use U.S Postal Service on a daily basis. U.S Postal Service (USPS) is a national mail carrier and delivers mail and packages to almost every single household there. The postal workers work hard for the customers. Also, the mail carriers try to deliver the mail items before the final delivery time. They deliver packages even during the bad time because of rough weather. This Postal Service works seven days a week even on Sundays. On Sundays, the letter carriers deliver the Priority Mail Express items and Amazon packages.

But, the post offices are not open seven days a week. Post offices are closed on Sundays and some other federal holidays. If you have a small business which relies on the USPS to get the products delivered, then knowing about the USPS holidays can be essential. It’s important for these type of people to know when the post offices in the US are closed and when they are open. Also, find out the USPS Hours. Most of the customers don’t know when the federal holidays are. If you are the one, then don’t worry! Because we are going to find out when the Post Offices are closed in the year 2019.


As you may know that the post offices are closed on Sundays, but non-essential government offices and the U.S post offices will also be closed on the following federal holidays in 2019 which means USPS won’t deliver any standard mail.

The mail will not be delivered on these federal holidays. You may also see the list of Postal Holidays in the table below:

Sr. No. Date Week Day Holiday
1. January – 1 Tuesday New Year’s Day *
2. January – 21 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday
3. February – 18 Monday Washington’s Birthday
4. May – 27 Monday Memorial Day
5. July – 4 Thursday Independence Day
6. September – 2 Monday Labor Day
7. October – 14 Monday Columbus Day
8. November – 11 Monday Veterans’ Day *
9. November – 28 Thursday Thanksgiving Day
10. December – 25 Wednesday Christmas Day

You can see that there are ten federal holidays in the year 2019 which means all the post office branches and all non-essential government offices will be closed on these days. The USPS won’t be able to deliver any mail item on these days. You can see that two of the federal holidays, New Year’s Day & Veterans’ Day, are highlighted with *. These are highlighted with * because New Year’s Day is falling on Sunday, and Veterans’ Day is falling on Saturday and according to the rule, if any federal holiday falls on Saturday, then it is observed on Preceding Friday, and if falls on Sunday, then it is observed on following Monday. This year, in 2019, New Year’s Day is on Sunday, and that’s why it will be observed on following Monday, and Veterans’ Day is on Saturday that’s why it will be observed on Preceding Friday. Some of the holidays will be observed according to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

Do you know why these days are considered as federal holidays or US Postal Service holidays? If No, then let’s find out the reason behind it that why all the post offices are closed, and even people are celebrating these days. We’ll talk about every single holiday one-by-one:

Tuesday, January 1 – New Year’s Day *: You all are aware with this day, New Year. It is observed on January 1. On the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar, it is the first day of the year. It is considered as one of the biggest days in the world. People from all around the world celebrate this day. People make New Year’s resolutions, offer services to church, do parades and sporting events. This year, in 2017, it is landing on Sunday, and that’s why it will be observed on following Wednesday, January 2. Also, the mail doesn’t run on New Year’s Eve. Regular mail delivery won’t resume until January 3. Mail carriers won’t pick up any mail from the collection boxes on New Year’s Day or January 2 either. But, Priority Mail Express mail items will be delivered on Sunday and Monday.

Monday, January 21 – Martin Luther King Jr. birthday: The second federal holiday of the post offices in 2019 is on January 21. On that day, there is the observed birthday of Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. He was born on January 15 but according to Uniform Monday Holiday Act, his birthday is observed on the third Monday of January every year. In the Civil Rights Movement, he was the chief spokesman for nonviolent activism. He was also an American Baptist minister and activist. And, of course, mail doesn’t run on Martin Luther King day. So, don’t wait for your package delivery.

Monday, February 18 – Washington’s Birthday: Every year on third Monday of February, all post offices, and non-essential government offices are closed due to Washington’s birthday. George Washington was the first President of the United States, and he was born on February 22, 1732. This day is celebrated in honor of the first President of the U.S and all the persons who served as the President. This year, in 2017, the holiday will be observed on Wednesday, February 20.

Monday, May 27 – Memorial Day: As you may know that mail doesn’t run on Memorial Day and this year, Memorial Day will be observed on Monday, May 27 as every year it is observed on the last Monday of May. It is celebrated to remember those people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces. So many people visit memorials and cemeteries to honor those people who died in military service. On this day, the U.S Flag is raised briskly to the top of the staff and then solemnly lowered to the half-staff position. There the flag remains only until noon. So, there is no need to search for the USPS holiday hours because all the post offices will be closed on this day.

Thursday, July 4 – Independence Day: Fourth of July is the Independence Day of the United States. On July 4 in 1776, the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress, and the United States of America was no longer a part of the British Empire. That’s why this day is so special for every US citizen. Post offices will be closed on July 4, and no standard mail delivery will take place. This day is associated with parades, fireworks, barbecues, baseball games, picnics, political speeches & ceremonies, carnivals, fairs, concerts, and family reunions.

Monday, September 2 – Labor Day: Labor Day is considered as a federal holiday in the U.S. It is celebrated on the first Monday of September every year, and this year, in 2019, it will be observed on Monday, September 2. It is celebrated in honor of the American labor movement and the workers’ contribution to the laws, prosperity, strength, and well-being of the country. It means that mail doesn’t run on Labor Day.

Monday, October 14 – Columbus Day: Mail doesn’t run on Columbus Day because this day is celebrated as the anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the Americas. Christopher Columbus arrived there on October 12, 1492. The landing of the Christopher Columbus is celebrated as “Columbus Day” in the U.S. Every year, it is observed on the second Monday of October, and this year, it will be observed on Monday, October 9. Standard mail will not be delivered on this day.

Monday, November 11 – Veterans’ Day *: Veterans’ Day is an official holiday in the United States that’s why mail doesn’t run on Veterans’ Day. It is observed on November 11 annually. But, this year, it is falling on Monday, and that’s why it will be observed on Friday, November 8. It is celebrated in honor of the military veterans who served in the United States Armed Forces. Veterans’ Day is not to be confused with the Memorial Day. Memorial day is celebrated in honor of the people who died while serving in the country’s armed forces while Veterans’ Day celebrates the service of military veterans in the U.S Armed Forces. It was observed as Armistice Day previously, but in 1954, it was renamed as Veterans Day. It is one of the famous U.S mail holidays.

Thursday, November 28 – Thanksgiving Day: Thanksgiving Day is a public holiday in both the countries, in Canada, and in the United States of America. But, in both the countries, it is celebrated on different days. In the U.S, it is celebrated and observed on the fourth Thursday of November and in Canada, it is observed on the second Monday of October. This year, it will be observed on Thursday, November 23 and all the post offices will be closed. And of course, mail doesn’t run on Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving parades are held on this day. Friends and family members meet for a special meal. People give thanks for everything they have.

Wednesday, December 25 – Christmas Day: Christmas is an annual festival which is celebrated all around the world by billions of people. It is celebrated for remembering the birth of Jesus Christ. People from all around the world celebrate this day in their own ways. Some people give gifts to each other, in some areas of the world, family and other social gatherings take place. This year, Christmas Day will be observed on Monday, December 25 and the post offices will be closed on this day. Usually, post offices are closed on Sundays, but due to holidays and large mailing of gifts, some of the post offices will open on two Sundays before the Christmas. You will have to contact your local post office to find out which post office is open. Also, the mail doesn’t run on Christmas Day or Eve.

It is the USPS holiday schedule. All the post offices will be closed on these post office holidays. You can also see all the postal holidays in the image below:

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