usps regional facility

USPS Regional Facility: Is your package safe?

I am sure you have wondered more than one time what does it mean when your package has arrived at a USPS Regional Facility. Am I right? Well in that case, this article is for you, because we will discover together what that means and also what you personally can do in order to facilitate and improve this process.

What is the USPS?

First question we are going to answer to is one that you might have, exactly what does USPS stand for and what does it mean. USPS stands for United States Postal Service and it is an agency, an independent one. It belongs to the executive branch of the United States federal government. But what are the responsibilities of USPS? Basically, the agency is in charge of providing postal services for the entire territory of the United States. This territory includes all the insular areas as well as the associated states.


The first mention of a postal Service in the United States of America and basically when the USPS first came into the light was 1775. The venue in which this happened was the Second Continental Congress. In this event, Benjamin Franklin become the first postmaster general. He then created The Post Office Department in 1792. That institution gained the status of a cabinet-level department 80 years later, in 1872. But it was not until 1970 that the United States Postal Service (or USPS) was created and reorganized as an independent agency. This was done by the Postal Reorganization Act.

Arrived at USPS Regional facility

So, now that we know exactly what USPS is, let’s get to the most important question of this article. You are expecting a package to arrive at your home, you get excited, and then you receive this message that the package you were expecting to receive in your home has arrived at a USPS Regional Facility. And you wonder what that means and how much longer it will be until you get the package.

How the process works

Before arriving at your home, your package transits various regional distribution centers. These exist in order to streamline mailing and every region has at least one of them. That regional distribution center picks up your package and based on the mailing address, sends it to another regional distribution center, the closest possible to the destination of the parcel. So basically, USPS Distribution Center and USPS Regional Facility are the same thing and the terms are used interchangeably.

Can you make it faster?

Basically, no! The USPS does offer different shipping plans and some of them can be faster than others, especially if you choose the more expensive option. But once you make this choice and the shipping of the package/mail starts, you can’t influence the process and it will go at its own pace. So no matter how much you want to receive that package faster, once it is mailed, you can’t do anything to make it come faster. You just have to be patient and wait.

USPS Regional Facility role

The USPS Regional Facility is also known as a “Hub”. There, postal workers basically sort the mailed articles. Those articles can include, but are not limited to: postcards, letters, parcels, flats and many more types of packages and mail. All these are sorted by postal workers. This sorting is done base on the destination address and that is why it is very important to check and double check that destination address before sending everything.

What about special mail

If we are talking about Priority Mail, then things are easier and more streamlined. Priority Mail stays at USPS Regional Facilities less than 24 hours usually, and the purpose of the postal workers is to make sure that the Priority Mail is loaded into trucks as fast as possible.

Can you make your mailing safer?

Mail and packages usually get to their destinations, but sometimes, very rarely, they do get lost. In order to prevent that you can actually employ some practices, besides of course considering the USPS shipping insurance. On top of that, you can write your phone number below the address you want your mail to reach and also, you can try to provide residential addresses instead of office ones whenever possible.