USPS Restricted Delivery, Cost, and Form

USPS Restricted Delivery, Cost, and Form

USPS Restricted Delivery is for those customers who want to send their critical mail of confidential documents or high value securely. The mail item with Restricted Delivery service can only be delivered to the addressee. At the time of the delivery, the addressee must show any ID proof for identity verification, and if the person who wants to receive the mail item doesn’t show the ID proof or refuses to show it, then the mail carrier will take the mail item back to the post office.

So, you must show a valid ID proof. Not every other services are included with it. You have to add other services that you want. USPS Restricted Delivery doesn’t provide the following services and facilities:

  • Tracking
  • Signature receipt
  • Insurance against damage and loss
  • Fix Delivery Time
  • Fast Delivery

The cost of USPS Restricted Delivery is $4.95 per mail piece.


  • If two names are written on the box or envelope (For example – John and Dyna), then any of these two or their authorized agents can receive the mail item.
  • If the mail item is sent to both the persons jointly, then signature by both the recipients or by the authorized agents is important.
  • If the mail is for famous person or celebrity, then it can be signed by the agent.
  • The agent can receive the mail item if it is for any government official.
  • Parents/Guardians can receive mail item if the addressee is a minor.
  • If the addressee is in the care of another person, then that other person can receive mail.


Authorizing a person to pick up or receive any restricted delivery mail is a simple process. For this, you may write a letter to the postmaster or fill a Standing Delivery Order (PS Form 3801). Submit the form at the post office. Also, don’t forget to check out USPS Sunday delivery.

Note: Restricted Delivery Service is only available if you also purchase Signature Confirmation, Certified Mail, Insured Mail (over $500), Adult Signature, COD Hold For Pickup, or Registered Mail.

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